It is used for works in oil and water pools. It has been used at regions, where oil is taking of previously.
Supply of materials and operating of pools by our company are as follow:
Metin – Zavite – Badi – Şeyhan – Magare – Şıhkes – Kohi Atruş-İşkefneti- Gelik- Berdraş- Beninan – Akra – Bicil
Şerfune – Kandil – Bağirman – Sebirk – Halifan – Galati  Cemrıbat Tavuki -  
22 at Zakho These tents are tents in North Iraq.  In cities at the south of Iraq On September 2013 – Al-Numaniye – 100 tents in dimension 50*30 was handled. Tents in the same dimensions and quantities were prepared in 2012. Tents in different dimensions, diameters and thickness have been handled. 
Business is continued in Nasiriye and Basra cities.